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Spring Garden Planning

Ken's Gardens employee Don Deiter working on a container at a metal soil bin in a greenhouse

Spring is around the corner! Are you ready?

Now is a great time to start planning for your garden if you haven’t started.

Ken’s is fully stocked with seeds, bulbs, and cold tolerant plants such as pansies, herbs, and vegetables.

Checklist for Spring:

  • Cleaning beds:
    • Rake and amend soil
      • Now is a good time to loosen up dirt and add compost or adjust the pH if needed
    • Remove leaf litter and any dead ruffage.
    • Pro Tip: If you missed trimming back any plants this fall, wait until the plant starts pushing new growth to see where to trim.
  • Check supplies
    • Fertilizer, pest control items, spades, shears, and hoses all should be checked for rust and expiration
    • Containers should be checked if they froze over winter and their drainage holes are open
      • A good cleaning never hurts
  • Draw out any new plans for the beds you have,
    • Include sunlight exposure (south facing, shaded by tress etc.)
    • Measure space
  • Write a plant wish list and check for compatibility
    • Bloom time- you want to stage the seasonality of the blooms
    • Requirements – sun, space and drainage are the main three
    • Maintenance – do you want something easy to prune or is a high maintenance plant with high pay off your goal for 2022?

Direct seeding? Starting seeds indoors? No matter your preference we have the supplies and knowledge you may need. Stop in and talk with us for tips on getting started. Need somewhere to start with veggie garden planning? Check out the Farmer’s Almanac, our friends at Rohrer’s seed have great planting tips! If all else fails, check out our list for what we have planned for herbs and veggies this year!

Happy Planting!

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