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Unique Shrubs & Shrub Care

Did you know we carry unique evergreens and shrubs? Our experts also share how to care for your shrubs during the summer months!


Ken’s Gardens has unique evergreens and shrubs that will add eye capturing interest to your garden. If you’re looking for a shrub that is not only unique in looks, but also gets neighbors asking “What’s that?” our experts can help you pick the best shrub or tree for your garden. Ken’s carries over 40 varities of trees and shrubs such as weeping white pine, and weeping white spruce and Japanese maples.


When it comes to watering plants, our experts say it is very hard to over water with our current weather in Lancaster. During prolonged heat and dryness, we recommend watering as often as possible. Morning and evenings are great times to water trees and shrubs, new or established, but anytime is better than not at all. Shrubs like hydrangeas, winter berry, and maples all love moist soil and really need to be watered well during times of drought. We recommend watering at the base of the shrub, and letting it soak through if it is in a container. For planting and pruning tips for your roses, trees or shrubs- check out our planting tips page!

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