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Don’t leaf all your plants outdoors.

Indoor plants liven up any work or living space!

House Plants




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Plants don’t have to be outside only—bring them indoors! Whether it’s your office space, your bedroom, or even your bathroom, indoor plants add color, beauty, and style. Indoor plants can even provide health benefits for your home environment.

If you’ve held back on getting started with indoor gardening due to time constraints, we can help! Ken’s Gardens has a large variety of indoor plants for sale that will suit any level of care and plant experience. Find vines, flowers, arid plants, cacti, ferns, and even miniature plants!

If you have questions about how to start with houseplants or which ones you should add to your collection next, we’re here to help. Come chat with us at either of our locations.


Planting Bars

All three of our locations have a Planting Bar, free to use when you purchase a plant and container. Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase plant and container.
  2. Use our tools and soil to pot your plant in-store.
  3. Drive away with your plant ready to go to its new home!

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Search the Perfect Plant database to find and identify garden plants and pests, including weeds, bugs, and diseases.

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