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2023 Herb and Vegetable List

Hi Gardeners! Spring 2023 is around the corner, and we have our lists of vegetables and herbs we are growing ourselves this year! Herb List 2023 Vegetable List 2023 If you want to start seeds yourself, we have workshops for…

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2022 Herb List

Complete Herb List The following is a list of herbs we carry at our garden center.  Please note, inventory fluctuates throughout the season. Not everything listed is guaranteed to be in stock. Aloe Vera Anise Hyssop Basil, Dolce Fresca Basil,…

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5 Tips For Taking Care of Easter Flowers

5 Tips For Taking Care of Easter Flowers One of the biggest issues with getting flowers at Easter whether you receive them or bought them yourself is wondering how best to take care of them. Though so many of us…

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6 Thoughts on Starting Seeds Indoors

In the next few weeks, people will begin planting seeds indoors. Here on 6 thoughts on starting seeds indoor. Perhaps you are one of the people who start seeds each year. Perhaps your parents had done it when you were…

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5 Reasons to Visit Your Garden Center Now

Chances are that you are not thinking of visiting your local garden center now. It is February after all. But here are 5 reasons that you should rethink that. Most people would not think it, but February is a busy…

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