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House Plants

Houseplants: How to Choose the Best Ones for You

The glory of an indoor jungle garden. Plants can make you happy! But choosing them can make you feel like a tumbleweed in the wind. We’ve broken down key questions to ask yourself when choosing a houseplant so you can thoroughly enjoy it without frustration.

1. What Is Your Space & Environment?

Studio Apartment

Because of the open floor plans smaller studios have, larger potted plants, like palms or larger money trees, may not be the best way to use available space. Consider smaller accent plants that enhance your apartment’s design by adding natural color contrast. Succulent gardens and terrariums are a great way to add texture and interest to studio-sized tables. If you have corner furniture or the ability to hang a plant from the ceiling, viny philodendron or succulents like string of pearls are a beautiful way to maximize your decorative space.

One-to-Two-Bedroom Apartment

Did you know that certain plants emit oxygen in cycles? Some produce oxygen during the day exclusively, and others produce oxygen around the clock. These “around-the-clock” plants are great additions to your bedroom spaces to enhance your sleep:

  • Peace lily
  • Orchid
  • Christmas cactus
  • Money plant
  • Aloe vera
  • Spider plant

House or Town House

In a house, you can truly turn your space into an indoor garden. Take advantage of your larger space with strategically placed floor plants and others that suit the kind of natural light that your windows bring into the home.


Are you decorating your desk, or are you looking to give the entire office a friendlier vibe? Viny philodendron, larger potted leafy plants, and potted palms are trendy and low-maintenance ways to add a soft color contrast to floor space and office furniture. Want to be cost effective? Choose plants that you can propagate to further decorate your office over time.

2. Do You Have Pets and/or Children?

While they’re pretty, certain plants aren’t the best for every household. If you have cats, dogs, and/or children, we recommend selecting houseplants that aren’t poisonous if accidentally (or intentionally) ingested.

Toxic Houseplants

Here’s a quick, non-exhaustive list of common houseplants to avoid if you have pets and/or kids

  • Heartleaf philodendron
  • Peace lily
  • Aloe vera — only if ingested. It’s safe to use topically on burns.
  • Jade plant
  • Snake plant
  • English ivy
  • Poinsettia 
  • Dieffenbachia (dumb cane)
Non-Toxic Houseplants

And here’s a quick, non-exhaustive list of common houseplants that are safe for pets and kids:

  • African violet
  • Spider plants — cats like to chew on these to settle their stomachs and induce vomiting, though, so keep that in mind.
  • Echeveria
  • Venus flytrap
  • Polka dot plant
  • Christmas cactus
  • Rubber plant
  • Swedish ivy

3. How Involved Do You Want to Be with Your Plants?


Are you busy? Is keeping a regular watering schedule challenging? Or do you work from home and can regularly water thirstier plants? These questions are key to planning realistic long-term houseplant care.


Have you been taking care of plants for a while, or are you new to indoor gardening? Easy-care plants are a great way to get started with houseplants without feeling overwhelmed. Spider plants, snake plants, and philodendron make ideal starter houseplants.

Houseplants Are for Everyone

There’s a houseplant that suits every lifestyle and space. Visit Ken’s Gardens to see our ever-changing inventory of houseplants, and let us help you select the best ones for you!

Planting Bars

All three of our locations have a Planting Bar, free to use when you purchase a plant and container. Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase plant and container.
  2. Use our tools and soil to pot your plant in-store.
  3. Drive away with your plant ready to go to its new home!

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