Because of our agricultural nature, the state of Pennsylvania has granted an exception to Ken’s Gardens to remain open and serve our customers at this time. Both locations are open for those who wish to shop. We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, and community at large.

An order has been signed that includes a number of measures we must and will follow. The most prevalent is that customers(over 2 years of age) will now be required to wear a facial covering while on the premises of all businesses that serve the public within a building. Employees will need to, as well.
Please respect those shopping around you so we can all safely choose the gardening items needed. Our main goal is to allow everyone to safely shop for their gardening items and to do this we need your help. We also ask that you refrain from shopping in large groups and bringing the little ones

We truly appreciate your cooperation and value you as our customer! Gardening is a proven mental and physical health booster! We can and will get through this! We look forward to continuing to serve you.  Thank you so much for your support during this time… You are greatly appreciated!

*We have set aside Wednesday mornings from 8am-9am for senior citizens and those w compromised immune systems to safely shop for living healthy items.*


Smoketown Monday-Friday 8am-8pm
Intercourse Monday-Friday 8am-6pm

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