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Tart or sweet, Ken’s Gardens has what you need to grow your own tasty treats!

You’ll find berried treasure in our wide variety of fruit plants and fruit trees for sale.

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Eat, Drink & Be Cherry!

The selection of fruit plants for sale at Ken’s Gardens makes it easy to grow your own fruit regardless of space. Plant your favorite fruit trees, bushes, and vines in your backyard or create a juicy oasis on your deck, balcony, porch, or roof. Grow blueberries, raspberries, grapes, apples, boysenberries, gooseberries, figs, and even almonds!

Growing your own fruit plants gives you more control over which products are used to grow your food, and you’ll enjoy greater freshness. In-season fruit not only tastes better, but it is also better for you / denser in nutrients than fruit harvested out of season.

Need help getting started with your pear-fect fruit garden? We’re here for you! Stop by one of our locations to get specific advice for your home space, or start with one of our guides to growing common fruits.

  • Blueberries like full sun and acidic soil. Little pruning is needed in the first three years of growth.
  • Strawberries like full sun and good garden soil. In the first year of growth only, remove blooms by snapping them off by the stem. Make sure to keep your strawberry patch thoroughly weeded.
  • Raspberries like full sun and well-drained, acidic soil. Because of their vulnerability to viral diseases, they need to be planted away from other plants like blackberries.
  • Grapes like full sun and good garden soil. The process of caring for grape vines is great for the gardener who wants to be more involved on a regular basis — or who wants to make wine at home!


“I bought a sweet pepper plant with just enough heat. Not only do they carry plants that aren’t at your big box garden centers, they provide opportunities to educate yourself. Great selection and helpful staff.”

Andrew W

“The staff was very friendly and took the time to explain what I needed to fix some bug/fungus issues my indoor plants were having.”

Ricca B

“Thrive. This is the perfect word for the plants I have gotten at Ken’s Gardens.”

Elizabeth J


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