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2017 Vegetable List

We look for durable vegetable varieties that are tolerant to our Lancaster County area, and we also love vegetables with great yields and flavor. Our stock is carefully chosen for the backyard and urban gardener, the canner, and of course, your mother’s favorites.

March brings out the cold tolerant vegetables. The early summer vegetables will be available in April. Ask our employees for a recommendation suited to your garden’s needs.

Click here: 2017 Complete Vegetable List  to view our complete vegetable list for 2017. Please follow the guide at the top to see what is new, which is a space saver, and which are the heirloom varieties.

Happy planting! – Ken’s


Square Foot Gardening

Spring means planting season in Central Pennsylvania and it’s a time of year when the ground awakens and locals dream of beautiful gardens filled with color and hearty vegetables. Farmers are out walking the fields and gardeners grow restless with anticipation of the coming season. Whether our customers come in by engine or buggy, everyone is asking the same big question- “What can I plant now?“

The spring season in Lancaster County is often difficult to decipher. Days in March awaken to a frost and thaw out to an average of 55°F. Our evenings tend to drop down below 40 and often land in the 30’s. For that reason, frost is a concern in the horticulture world and can be fatal to freshly planted seedlings that are not protected from these extreme temperature ranges. Plants that are not cold tolerant will show signs of stress and may experience irreparable harm.

Luckily, the natural world is a beautiful and tolerant place that offers hardy plants the ability to adapt and grow in even the most unpredictable days of spring.

So come to Ken’s Gardens and fill the wagon with an assortment of cold tolerant plants waiting to feel the touch of morning sunshine.


Ken’s Gardens has cold tolerant seedlings on the self and currently recommends the following cold tolerant vegetables:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Carrot
  • Hardy Herbs
  • Lettuce
  • Mustards
  • Onions
  • Peas
  • Radish
  • Swiss chard

Our complete vegetable inventory for 2016 can be found here.


However, not all seedling varieties are on the shelves. Mid-April will bring the release of our entire Tomato collection and May will start the beginning of our early summer vegetables. We greatly appreciate your patience as we grow from seed to seedling.

Our Ronk’s location has the perfect example of how a garden can look when planted in early March. Sitting in front of our green roof shed is a 4×4 square foot box. This garden style is called “Square Foot Gardening”. It’s a simple approach to gardening and utilizes every inch for efficient growing, leaving behind the space waste of row gardening.

green roof & square foot garden


This box of cold tolerant annuals and vegetables were planted on March 8th, 2016. It was as EASY as 1-2-3. Here’s how we did.

2016 Vegetable Inventory

2016 Vegetable Inventory:

Our 2016 vegetable inventory is here! This means that you can start to plan your garden and know what you will be able to get! Not sure what the marks on the chart mean? Crossed out signifies vegetables we no longer carry. Yellow highlighted varieties are new for the 2016 year.

How do we choose what we grow?

We look for varieties that not only tolerant but thrive in our Lancaster County area. Beyond that, like you, we love vegetables with good yields and flavor. Our stock is chosen for the backyard and urban gardener. We also choose our vegetables with the canner in mind and we try your mother’s and grandmother’s favorites that you know and love.

What is available now?

March brings out the cold-tolerant vegetables, like lettuce and greens. The early summer vegetables will be available in April. Not sure what you want or where to begin? Ask our employees and they will recommend varieties suited to your garden’s needs. Perhaps you may want to try a new variety or a new method this year like square foot gardening (See an example here). You can ask our employees for more info and advice about both of these things.


Looking forward to 2016!

           Here at Ken’s Gardens we are looking ahead to 2016! We have a lot to look forward to this new year: workshops, sustainability and being able to do more for our customers. A lot of you have voted on a new logo, which will be coming out in 2016, as well as a new tagline. This year we would like to refocus on what Ken’s Gardens is: a family owned full service garden center that grows plants and knows plants. While there are plenty of plant farms and garden centers, there are seldom together. Ken’s Gardens grows most of their own plants and we know everything else we get in well. This allows our customer to get the best plant care prior to purchase and we know exactly how to help you at home with these plants. We also carry reliable and unique plants, supplies, and décor!

            We are also working on becoming even MORE sustainable! Ken’s is also moving towards biocontrol for growing our plants to be more environmentally friendly, as well as doing more community outreach programs. Be on the lookout for events to attend and ways you can help us! 

             You may be wondering what a garden center would be doing with plants in the winter… Well, we are busy doing what we do best: growing plants! We have been very busy seeding and propagating.  Ken’s has also been getting together a fresh inventory of décor and supplies for 2016 and we love what we are getting in!DSCN0011 (2) DSCN0016 (2)DSCN0007 (2)DSCN0011 (2)


              Ken’s has been anxious to give our loyal customers more, and we have been listening to your questions. So in 2016 we will be bringing you workshops and activities! We will be having workshops for fairy gardens, terrariums, urban and contain er gardening, landscape basics and more.  Field Pansy day is also coming as soon as the weather is good and the pansies are ready! Come out and experience a tradition our Smoketown store has been doing for years: dig your own pansies from the field! FullSizeRender [126167]

Can’t wait to show you all we’ve been working on in 2016! – Ken’s


Pepper & Tomato Variety List

Thanks for thinking of Ken’s for your vegetable needs.  We grow a very large selection of tomatoes & peppers.  Here is the full list. 



Amish Paste

Better Boy VFN

Big Beef

Big Boy

Black Russian

Brandywine Pink Potato Leaf

Bush Earlygirl

Bush Beefsteak

Celebrity VFNT

Delicious SD

Early Girl SD


First Lady II

Gardeners Delight (Sugar Lump)

Great White Beefsteak

Health Kick ASTD

Italian Heirloom

Jetstar F1

Juliet F1 SD

Lemon Boy

Long Keeper


Mator Sandwich

Mortgage Lifter SD

Mountain Pride

Mr. Stripey



Patio ASTD

Pineapple SD

Pink Girl

Roma VF

Rutgers VF

Striped Stuffer (pepper)


Supersonic F1

Supersteak SD

Supersweet 100 SD

Sweet Olive

Sweet”N Neat Cherry Red


Triple L Crop (Giant Tree)

Tumbling Tom Red

Yellow Pear SD

Tomatilla Toma Verde

Tomatilla Husk Ground Cherry


Baron Red

Big Bertha

California Wonder

California  Wonder Yellow


Chocolate Beauty Bell


Giant Marconi



King of the North

Lady Bell F1

Orange Sun Bell

Purple Beauty Bell 

Round of Hungary

Sweet Banana


Hot Cayenne Long Slim

Hot Early Jalapeno

Hot Habanero Orange

Hot Hungarian Wax

Hot Lemondrop

Hot Mucho Nacho

Hot Poblano

Hot Red Cherry Large SD

Hot Serrano Chili


Pepper Burpee Big Daddy

Pepper Burpee Candy Apple

Pepper Burpee Sweet Heat

Pepper Burpee Zavory Hot

Tomato Burpee Big Daddy

Tomato Burpee Big Mama

Tomato Burpee Brandy Boy

Tomato Burpee Cherry Punch

Tomato Burpee Fourth of July

Tomato Burpee Fresh Salsa

Tomato Burpee Sweet Seedless