2022 Vegetable List

Complete Vegetable List

The following is a list of vegetables we carry at our garden center.  Please note, inventory fluctuates throughout the season. Not everything listed is guaranteed to be in stock.


Artichoke Green Globe

Arugula Astro

Bean Stringless Bush

Beets Detroit Red

Beets Bulls Red

Broccoli Pack Pro


Brussel Sprouts Jade Cross

Bush Bean Blue Lake

Cabbage Bravo

Cabbage Chinese Blues

Cabbage Early Jersey Wakefield

Cabbage Golden Acre

Cabbage Stonehead

Cabbage Storage #4

Cabbage Red Jewel

Cantaloupe Burpee Hybrid

Cauliflower Cheddar

Cauliflower Graffiti

Cauliflower Romanesco

Cauliflower Snowcrown

Celeriac Brillant

Celery Tango

Collards Georgia


Cucumber Burpee Hybrid II

Cucumber Burpless 26

Cucumber Burpless Bush

Cucumber GherKing Gherkin

Cucumber Marketmore 76

Cucumber Patio Snacker

Eggplant Classic

Eggplant Ghostbuster

Eggplant Ichiban

Eggplant Rosa Bianco

Endive Salad King

Escarole Full Heart

Fennel, Florence

Gourd Small Formula Blend

Honeydew Early Dew Green

Kale Lacinato

Kale Scarletbor

Kale Vates

Kolhrabi Grand Duke

Leek Large American Flag

Lettuce Alkindus Red Butterhead

Lettuce Bergams Green

Lettuce Bibb

Lettuce Buttercrunch

Lettuce Cherokee

Lettuce Deer Tongue

Lettuce Freckles

Lettuce Galactic

Lettuce Ithaca

Lettuce Nevada Summer Crisp

Lettuce New Red Fire

Lettuce Muir

Lettuce Oakleaf

Lettuce Romaine, Breen

Lettuce Romaine, Green Forest

Lettuce Ruby Sky

Lettuce Vulcan

Mustard Mizuna Miz America

Mustard Red Giant

Okra Cajun Delight

Onion Candy

Onion Red Burgundy

Onion Walla Walla

Onion Warrior Bunching

Onion White Spanish

Onion Yellow Spanish

Pak Choi Joi Choi

Pak Choi Red Pac

Peanut Carolina Jumbo

Pepper Big Bertha

Pepper California Wonder

Pepper California Wonder Yellow

Pepper Candy Cane Red

Pepper Chocolate Beauty Bell

Pepper Cornito Giallo

Pepper Cubanelle

Pepper Giant Marconi

Pepper Gypsy

Pepper Jupiter

Pepper King of the North

Pepper Lady Bell

Pepper Mad Hatter

Pepper Orange Sun Bell

Pepper Purple Beauty Bell

Pepper Red Knight

Pepper Round of Hungary

Pepper Snackabella

Pepper Sweet Banana

Pepper Sweet Bite Size Red

Pepper Sweet Bite Size Yellow

Pepper Hot Cayenne Large Red Thick

Pepper Hot Habanero Orange

Pepper Hot Holy Mole

Pepper Hot Hungarian Wax

Pepper Hot Jalapeno

Pepper Hot Lemondrop

Pepper Hot Mucho Nacho

Pepper Hot Poblano

Pepper Hot Portugal

Pepper Hot Red Cherry Large

Pepper Hot Serrano Chili

Pumpkin Baby Boo White

Pumpkin Jack-Be-Little

Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern

Pumpkin Mystic Plus

Pumpkin Neck


Squash Summer Scallop White Bush

Squash Summer Sunburst

Squash Summer Yellow Straightneck

Squash Summer Zucchini Aristocrat

Squash Summer Zucchini Eight Ball

Squash Summer Zucchini Gold Rush

Squash Winter Acorn Table Princess

Squash Winter BonBon

Squash Winter Butternut Indian Brave

Squash Winter Vegetable Spaghetti

Swiss Chard Bright Lights

Tomatillo Ground Toma Verde

Tomatillo Husk Ground Cherry

Tomato Amish Paste

Tomato Better Boy

Tomato Big Beef

Tomato Black Russian

Tomato Brandywine Red Potato Leaf

Tomato Burpee Big Boy

Tomato Bush Beefsteak

Tomato Bush Early Girl

Tomato Candyland Red

Tomato Celebrity

Tomato Delicious

Tomato Early Girl

Tomato Evergreen

Tomato First Lady II

Tomato Giant Tree

Tomato Grape

Tomato Great White

Tomato Health Kick

Tomato Heirloom Yellow Cherry

Tomato Indigo Cherry Drops

Tomato Jetstar

Tomato Juliet

Tomato Lemon Boy

Tomato Little Napoli

Tomato Long Keeper

Tomato Mator Sandwich

Tomato Mortgage Lifter

Tomato Mountain Pride

Tomato Mr. Stripey

Tomato Old German

Tomato Orange

Tomato Oxheart

Tomato Pineapple

Tomato Pink Girl

Tomato Roma

Tomato Rutgers

Tomato Striped Stuffer (Pepper)

Tomato Sugar Lump

Tomato Sunsugar

Tomato Supersonic

Tomato Supersteak Hybrid

Tomato Supersweet 100

Tomato Sweet”N Neat Cherry Red

Tomato Tidy Treats

Tomato Tomatoberry

Tomato Very Cherry Cascade

Tomato Yellow Pear

Watermelon Crimson Sweet

Watermelon Sangria

Watermelon Sugar Baby

Watermelon Seedless



Cucumber Fresh Pickles

Eggplant Early Midnight

Eggplant Meatball

Eggplant Patio Baby

Pea Masterpiece

Pepper Big Daddy

Pepper Bush Habanero

Pepper Confetti

Pepper Gold Standard

Pepper Jalapeno Gigante

Pepper Jungle Parrot

Pepper Lemon Dream

Pepper Sweet Heat

Pepper Tangerine Dream

Pepper Thunderbolt Sweet

Pepper Zavory Hot

Tomato Baby Boomer

Tomato Big Daddy

Tomato Big Mama

Tomato Brandy Boy

Tomato Bushsteak

Tomato Cherry Punch

Tomato Fourth of July

Tomato Fresh Salsa

Tomato Homeslice

Tomato Indigo Fire Ball

Tomato Mighty Sweet

Tomato Power Pops

Tomato San Marzano

Tomato Solar Power

Tomato SuperSauce

Tomato Sweet Seedless

Tomato Sweetheart of the Patio

Tomato Tasti-Lee


Visit our Planting Tips page to check out other lists and tips!

Square Foot Gardening

Spring means planting season in Central Pennsylvania and it’s a time of year when the ground awakens and locals dream of beautiful gardens filled with color and hearty vegetables. Farmers are out walking the fields and gardeners grow restless with anticipation of the coming season. Whether our customers come in by engine or buggy, everyone is asking the same big question- “What can I plant now?“

The spring season in Lancaster County is often difficult to decipher. Days in March awaken to a frost and thaw out to an average of 55°F. Our evenings tend to drop down below 40 and often land in the 30’s. For that reason, frost is a concern in the horticulture world and can be fatal to freshly planted seedlings that are not protected from these extreme temperature ranges. Plants that are not cold tolerant will show signs of stress and may experience irreparable harm.

Luckily, the natural world is a beautiful and tolerant place that offers hardy plants the ability to adapt and grow in even the most unpredictable days of spring.

So come to Ken’s Gardens and fill the wagon with an assortment of cold tolerant plants waiting to feel the touch of morning sunshine.


Ken’s Gardens has cold tolerant seedlings on the self and currently recommends the following cold tolerant vegetables:

  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Carrot
  • Hardy Herbs
  • Lettuce
  • Mustards
  • Onions
  • Peas
  • Radish
  • Swiss chard

Our complete vegetable inventory for 2016 can be found here.


However, not all seedling varieties are on the shelves. Mid-April will bring the release of our entire Tomato collection and May will start the beginning of our early summer vegetables. We greatly appreciate your patience as we grow from seed to seedling.

Our Ronk’s location has the perfect example of how a garden can look when planted in early March. Sitting in front of our green roof shed is a 4×4 square foot box. This garden style is called “Square Foot Gardening”. It’s a simple approach to gardening and utilizes every inch for efficient growing, leaving behind the space waste of row gardening.

green roof & square foot garden


This box of cold tolerant annuals and vegetables were planted on March 8th, 2016. It was as EASY as 1-2-3. Here’s how we did.