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2024 Herb and Vegetable Lists

Spring is almost here! We have our 2024 Herb and Vegetable Lists available now. At Ken's we are your trusted garden center for the freshest and most vibrant selection of herbs and vegetables for spring and summer 2024. This season…

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Fall Garden Planting

Did you know that fall planting of vegetables, shrubs and perennials is low stress on the plants? Early August is the best time to plant vegetables for fall harvest, while September is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, and…

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2023 Herb and Vegetable List

Hi Gardeners! Spring 2023 is around the corner, and we have our lists of vegetables and herbs we are growing ourselves this year! Herb List 2023 Vegetable List 2023 If you want to start seeds yourself, we have workshops for…

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2022 Vegetable List

Complete Vegetable List The following is a list of vegetables we carry at our garden center.  Please note, inventory fluctuates throughout the season. Not everything listed is guaranteed to be in stock.   Artichoke Green Globe Arugula Astro Bean Stringless…

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Square Foot Gardening

Spring means planting season in Central Pennsylvania and it’s a time of year when the ground awakens and locals dream of beautiful gardens filled with color and hearty vegetables. Farmers are out walking the fields and gardeners grow restless with…

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