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Native Trees

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Pennsylvania proud! We’re so lucky to live in state where gorgeous sugar maples, white oaks, red maples, northern red oaks, white ash, and American beech trees are native to our part of the country. Native trees play a key role in our local ecosystem by providing habitat for birds, squirrels, bats, and insects. When you choose to plant native trees, you’ll love the benefit of attracting more wildlife to your own backyard! You’ll also enjoy more shade during warm weather and less maintenance than with non-native trees, as native trees are adapted to the soil composition that we have in PA, meaning less water and care.

Ken’s Gardens has a variety of native trees for sale to help your landscape vision become a reality. If you love the outdoors and exploring nature, bring the woods to you!


“I bought a sweet pepper plant with just enough heat. Not only do they carry plants that aren’t at your big box garden centers, they provide opportunities to educate yourself. Great selection and helpful staff.”

Andrew W

“The staff was very friendly and took the time to explain what I needed to fix some bug/fungus issues my indoor plants were having.”

Ricca B

“Thrive. This is the perfect word for the plants I have gotten at Ken’s Gardens.”

Elizabeth J


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