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Learn more about the wide variety of shrubs for sale at Ken’s Gardens.





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What Is a Shrub?

Shrubs are woody perennial plants that tend to be small to medium in size. Some shrubs grow low to the ground, while others shoot up to 30 feet or more! Most fall somewhere in between.

Shrubs’ foliage can be dense or loose, solid or variegated, and complemented (or not) by flowers or berries. The life span of a shrub will depend on its growing conditions and care, but you can expect most shrubs to live for at least a few years — up to several decades!

Shrubs add texture and visual interest to any landscape. In addition to looking great, shrubs can also be planted as windbreaks or to create privacy. No matter the space you’re trying to fill or the look you want to achieve, there’s a perfect shrub for the situation.

If you have questions about shrubs, or if you want to know if we have a certain shrub in stock, please get in touch!

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