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Field Pansies- The End of a Beloved Tradition

Field Dug Pansies- A Missed Tradition

This year, we had to say goodbye to a beloved tradition at our Smoketown store: Field Grown Pansies. For the last 50 years (and longer as Glick’s Plant Farms), we have been able to keep the tradition alive but in 2022 we will have to say goodbye, at least for now. The very important process of steaming the beds to be able to directly seed and grow over winter is no longer an option for us. Our boiler and steamer have held on for a very long time (see the above photo from the 1960s!) but sadly the parts needed to maintain them are no longer available. Modern equipment does not provide for small scale bed farming like we do for the field pansies. We would like to thank anyone who participated in times past with this tradition, and we are sad to see it go.

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