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5 Reasons to Buy Miniature Evergreens

After a long wait, they are finally in. The miniature evergreens have arrived!

Why should you consider buying miniature evergreens? Perhaps you are thinking of making a planter this year for your patio table and you do not want the same old same old? Do you want something new and unique, something that no one else has? Or perhaps you want something as a showpiece and a miniature evergreen fits the bill.

Here are 5 reasons to consider:

  1. They offer year-long interest:

    One of the nice things about miniature evergreens is that they offer year-long interest. Although in some cases it might be good to bring them indoors for more protection over the winter, they hold their beauty all year long.

  2. They can last more than one year:

    One of the nice things about miniature evergreens is that they can last for several years in planters and still look nice. Although the upfront cost is generally higher, the savings from the second year will generally offset this. Not to mention the cost saved in the following years.

  3. They require little care:

    One of the best thing about miniature evergreens is that there is no deadheading required. Compare this to geraniums or even petunias and you will save a lot of time.  The only thing that you might have to do is the occasional quick trim.

  4. They are unique:

    If you want something unique, miniature evergreens are a great choice. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures.

  5. They look good:

    One of the best reasons to buy any plant is that they look good. Why would you want to buy a plant that looks bad? And the nice thing about miniature evergreens is that there are many nice ones.

Are there any other reasons that you can think of? Comment below!

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