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Best Plants for College Students

Best Plants for College Students

Are you a college student wanting to make your dorm look a little more like home? Or are you just looking to add a bit of a personal touch? Houseplants are a great way to do both of these things. Not to mention that houseplants are known to reduce stress (Read more here ) and purify the air.

Perhaps you are a freshman and this is your first time in college and you are looking for a plant for that sunny window or to spruce up your desk. Or you have just got past unpacking and you find that your room needs a personal touch, but you are not sure what and you just so happen to think of a plant. But regardless of how you have arrived here, the reality is that you know that you want a plant, but you don’t know where to begin.

We have some good news for you. We can help. Although there are more, here are 8 plants to consider:

1. Succulents and Cactus

Succulents and cactus are among the best choices for growing in your dorm. Why is this? Because they require little care and beyond that, they just look great! There are so many different varieties, shapes, colors, and textures. As many may have noticed, it is these things that have caused succulents to be one of the “in” plants right now so you find a lot of information on planting, designing, and care. If you want even more hands-on advice, consider going to a succulent workshop, such as one of the ones that Ken’s puts on (Click here to see schedule).

2. Ferns

Another plant you might consider growing in your dorm is ferns. Although you may have ferns like the one pictured in mind, the truth is that there are many different kinds. They not only vary in color and texture but also leaf shape. Another thing to consider is that some ferns grow a medium size so they can be perfect for beside a desk or on the floor, as long as they get enough light. There are other ferns that stay smaller and are perfect for by a window.

3. Air Plants

If you want a unique plant that can be used in a wide variety of ways, Air plants are an excellent choice. The cool thing is that air plants grow without soil. For this reason, there many things that can be done with them. Consider placing them in glass globes or jars, in containers, or on desks or shelves.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe is a good choice as an indoor plant. What is the reason for this? Not only does aloe look good, but it can for cuts, sunburn, etc. Since it is a desert plant, it also requires little water.

5. Snake plant

Along with succulents, snake plants are one of the “in” plants right now. They require very little care and can be used in many places. A small plant can be used on the window sill and older larger plants can be used throughout the room.

6. African Violet

The African Violet is a cute plant that comes in many different colors. Not only are the flowers different colors and textures, but so are the leaves. The one thing is that does require a bit more care some of the other choices in that it needs more water than some of the other plants, being that it is not a desert plant.

7. Money Tree

Money Tree is a cool plant that you most often will find with a braided trunk. It is a native of South and Central America, where it can get 60 feet. The good news is that it stays much smaller indoors, rarely exceeding 3-6 feet indoors.

8. Spider Plant

Spider plant is a nice little plant. It is very adaptive which makes it a great plant for a dorm. The name comes from the fact that it sends out runners with small plants that make remind some of little spiders.

Do you have any plants in your dorm? Do you have any plants not listed? Comment below!

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