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At Ken’s Gardens, we love sharing our expertise with customers. Whether you’re a veteran gardener or just getting started, you’ll find tips and inspiration for getting the most out of your plants.

2023 Herb and Vegetable List

Hi Gardeners! Spring 2023 is around the corner, and we have our lists of vegetables and herbs we are growing ourselves this year! Herb List 2023 Vegetable List 2023 If you want to start seeds yourself, we have workshops for both kids and adults coming up. Check out our events page for more!

September is the New May

Let me start with a shoutout to the New York Times who ran the title ‘When its Time to Plant, September is the new May‘1 highlighting the fall planting season. It started me thinking that they really are on to something, but it goes even further than the Times article suggests. Experienced gardeners know that…

Spring Garden Planning

Spring is around the corner! Are you ready? Now is a great time to start planning for your garden if you haven’t started. Ken’s is fully stocked with seeds, bulbs, and cold tolerant plants such as pansies, herbs, and vegetables. Checklist for Spring: Cleaning beds: Rake and amend soil Now is a good time to…

2022 Herb List

Complete Herb List The following is a list of herbs we carry at our garden center.  Please note, inventory fluctuates throughout the season. Not everything listed is guaranteed to be in stock. Aloe Vera Anise Hyssop Basil, Dolce Fresca Basil, Dwarf Basil, Pesto Party Basil, Sweet Basil, Thai Basil, Try Mixed Bay Laurel Borage Burnet…

2022 Vegetable List

Complete Vegetable List The following is a list of vegetables we carry at our garden center.  Please note, inventory fluctuates throughout the season. Not everything listed is guaranteed to be in stock.   Artichoke Green Globe Arugula Astro Bean Stringless Bush Beets Detroit Red Beets Bulls Red Broccoli Pack Pro Broccolini Brussel Sprouts Jade Cross…

Field Pansies- The End of a Beloved Tradition

Field Dug Pansies- A Missed Tradition This year, we had to say goodbye to a beloved tradition at our Smoketown store: Field Grown Pansies. For the last 50 years (and longer as Glick’s Plant Farms), we have been able to keep the tradition alive but in 2022 we will have to say goodbye, at least…

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

  Ken’s Gardens Celebrating 50th Anniversary! By Jack Vale | Happy Writers, Co. It has already been 50 years since brothers-in-law Ken Lapp and Norman Glick started growing plants to sell at farmer’s markets in Intercourse, PA! Since we started selling plants, Ken’s Gardens has opened locations in Intercourse and Smoketown, PA. These garden centers…

How to Prune Ornamental Grasses

One of the most common questions people have about ornamental grasses is how are they are to be cut back. But the answer to this is not as simple as it seems. There are two different answers to this question depending on whether the grass you got is a warm season or cool season grass.…

Help! How do I care for Houseplants?

Help! How do I care for Houseplants? Houseplants are really nice and have many benefits. But there is one problem. However much we may like them, want them, or even have them, we might not know how to care for them.

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Poinsettias

There is nothing worse than getting a Poinsettia and have it not look good by Christmas. And unfortunately, this is all too common. And the unfortunate thing is that there several factors that can cause problems.

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