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Planting Solutions

Trying to solve a particular garden quandary?

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Shady Areas

What can I plant in that shady spot?

Senior Woman Potting Plant In Garden At Home

Border Gardens

What is a border garden? How do I plan one?



Use plants and garden structures to create privacy.



Exercise your green thumb even if you don’t have a yard.

Young woman gardening in the back yard on a sunny spring day

Cutting Gardens

What goes in a cutting garden?


Water Wise

Take a break from watering with plants that can take the heat.



How do I care for houseplants? Which are best for me?


Create a low-maintenance miniature garden to keep indoors.

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Creating an indoor garden? Planting your favorite flowers for cutting so you can have fresh bouquets all summer? Ken’s Gardens has what you need.

Visit our Smoketown or Intercourse greenhouses for our full inventory. Or, depending on your project, stop in at Gallery Grow, our downtown Lancaster plant store specializing in houseplants, succulents, and décor.

We have a large, ever-changing variety of plants for sale, as well as mulch, pots, seeds, and other gardening supplies. If you’re looking for something specific, please call our stores to check current availability.



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Learn about planting fruits and veggies, pruning shrubs, caring for roses, and more. And, see this year’s list of our veggies and herbs!

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