This blueberry is full of …charm, color year-round and is a perfect landscape or patio container plant. Consider planting Peach Sorbet™ as a small hedge or plant en masse for dramatic color all year. In decorative patio containers, Peach Sorbet™ is beautiful all by itself or mixed in as an accent with other ornamental plants. Water, a little spring fertilizer and an annual winter pruning is all she needs to perform – providing beauty and plentiful fruit.brazelberries container
Peach Sorbet™ is a blueberry plant with gorgeous ornamental plant qualities that will soon become a favorite.

A four-season showstopper, this compact blueberry is stunning with leaves ranging from peach to pink to orange to emerald green. Spring’s white, bell-shaped flowers will give way to an abundant summer crop BrazelBerries 1of healthy, sweet blueberries mid-summer. In most climates, Peach Sorbet™ keeps her leaves through the winter when the foliage transitions to a rich eggplant purple.