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  Top Ten Lists for Beautiful Shade Gardens: Seeing Your Way Out of the Dark   Ken's Library This post features one of our favorite books written by Kerry Ann Mendez. At Ken’s Gardens, in Ronks, our library is a small book collection available to customers while shopping. Feel free to sit at our table and browse through the pages or roam the store to look for new plants. Please, return all books and magazines before checking out. Thank you! Remember; read a book, plant a tree.     Back Cover Excerpt “..provides proven strategies for growing gorgeous, low-maintenance perennial gardens in shade. It is written from a do-it-yourself, roll-up-you-sleeves and tell it straight, gardener’s point of view.” Our Seedy Thoughts Working at Ken’s Gardens I often see confused looks on a customer’s face. It’s no secret. No matter how hard you try, gardeners often look lost and helpless while browsing for shade perennials. Shade spots are tricky and this book will help! There are 52 lists for every gardener with even the smallest ounce of shade. Big or small, your approach to shade gardening will be confident and well informed. Your Way Out of the Dark is must have for ALL home gardeners living in Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. The book covers climate zones 3 – zone 7. (Click here to find out if this book is for your growing location.) Each list has 10 plant suggestions. Suggestions are mentioned for all seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter. It even has a list for “challenging sites” like dry shade or moist shade. Most of the book is formatted with lists of plant, detailed descriptions, and multiple variety suggestions. There are

Planting Asparagus

Nothing tastes better than grilled Asparagus. And cooking asparagus that you grew in your own garden is a great feeling. To help ensure you start off on the right foot, we have listed a few planting tips. Click the image for details.  

A guide to choosing roses

Picking the perfect rose for your landscape is just as important as keeping care of them. This guide will help you decide which variety is best for you. Click the image for details.  

Growing Grapes

Thinking of making your own wine or just like having a handy snack available in your garden. Grapes are a popular choice for around the home and we have provided the basic steps you need to get this vine started. Click the image for details.  

Caring for Roses

Keeping the beauty of roses throughout the season is an art. Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction so you can enjoy lasting allure of a freshly bloomed rose. Click the image for details.