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Memorial Day Hours

Memorial Day Hours
Both Ken’s Locations

“Honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military”

COVID Requirements Beginning Sunday April 19 @8pm

An order was signed and goes into effect Sun., April 19 at 8 p.m. and includes a number of measures we must and will follow. The most prevalent is that customers(over 2 years of age) will now be required to wear a facial covering while on the premises of all businesses that serve the public within a building. Employees will need to, as well.
We also ask that all customers please keep in practice all social distancing protocols. Please respect those shopping around you so we can all safely choose the gardening items needed.
We truly appreciate your cooperation and value you as our customer! Gardening is a proven mental and physical health booster! We can and will get through this!

COVID-19 Update

To Our Valued Customers,

Ken’s Gardens is currently closed due to Governor Wolf’s announcement, late Thursday afternoon, that all non-life essential businesses must close their doors by Thursday 8:00pm.  We are waiting clarification from the State on whether we are considered life-essential since we sell vegetable plants, herbs and fruit.  We will keep you updated.

Thank you
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4 Reasons to Consider Gardening in Containers

One of the newest trends is gardening in containers. This is not to be confused with container gardening but is growing vegetables and herbs in containers.

One of the main things that keep people from gardening is space. Compared to previous times people have far less yard area. Because of this, some have started to grow herbs and vegetables in containers and had good success. The only issue is when this first began, people would tend to do only one thing, like only one type of lettuce, etc. But as time has gone on, this practice has changed and people have started to get fancier with what they plant.

Not only are they using different types of greens, but they are also using different colors too. Now, not only do these containers not look plain, but they are worth growing even if you do not use the vegetables in them. Or if you do use them, you can grow them without missing the annuals that you would have planted there.

Here are 4 reasons why should consider growing vegetables in containers:

  1. It is nice to have fresh vegetables and herbs:

    Vegetables and herbs are a great addition to any meal, but you can’t beat fresh ones and you can’t beat homegrown. Not only are they tastier, they are also healthier.

  2. They are easy to grow:

    Growing herbs and vegetables in containers is really easy. All that needs to be done is watering, harvesting, and maybe a little trimming.

  3. It adds interest to your patio:

    Containers add interest to your patio or yard. They can be used to break up an area or fill an empty spot. Regardless of where you put them, they will brighten up your patio.

  4. They look good:

    Let’s face it, another good reason to grow herb and vegetables in containers is that they look good. A quick search will give you far more ideas than you need to create many different combinations.

Have you ever tried container gardening or can you think of another reason why you should garden in containers? Comment below.

Ken’s Library

Ken's library

Ken’s Library

Ken’s library is a small book collection at our Ronks location. Our library is available to you while you are here! Feel free to sit at our table and browse through the pages or roam the store to look for new plants. Please, return all books and magazines before checking out. Thank you!


This post features one of our favorite books written by Kerry Ann Mendez.


Back Cover Excerpt

“..provides proven strategies for growing gorgeous, low-maintenance perennial gardens in shade. It is written from a do-it-yourself, roll-up-your-sleeves and tell it straight, gardener’s point of view.”


Working at Ken’s Gardens I often see confused looks on a customer’s face. It’s no secret. No matter how hard you try, gardeners often look lost and helpless while browsing for shade perennials. Shade spots are tricky and this book will help!

There are 52 lists for every gardener with even the smallest ounce of shade. Big or small, your approach to shade gardening will be confident and well informed. Your Way Out of the Dark is must have for ALL home gardeners living in Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. The book covers climate zones 3 – zone 7. (Click here to find out if this book is for your growing location.)

Each list has 10 plant suggestions. This book has suggestions for all seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter. It even has a list for “challenging sites” like dry shade or moist shade.

Most of this book contains lists of plants, detailed descriptions, and multiple variety suggestions. There are parts where Kerry Ann Mendez breaks down tough shade lingo. All suggestions come from experience with Kerry’s own shade garden and she explains how to take care for them too. Beyond this, she writes her answers in a straightforward way that anyone can find humor in. This makes the book not only informational, but a joy to read.

Remember to check out this book in the Ken’s library!

More on the Author:

  • Sign up for Kerry’s free newsletter by going to her home page. You will find a ‘SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER’ link under ‘PRODUCTS AND SERVICES’.
  • Kerry Ann Mendez will be hosting a webinar titled ‘Radical Perennials: Non-Stop Color! No-Fuss! Environmentally Responsible!’. It will be October 27, 2017. Gardeners who are unable to see the live session are still able to sign up for the webinar at $7. Price includes downloadable documents.  Perennials featured will have hardiness Zones ranging from 3 – 8 or 9.  There will also be a form on the webinar that Master Gardeners and Landscape Architects can print to submit for continuing education credit hour consideration. Details and registration can be found here.
  • Kerry is also scheduled to speak at The 13th annual Great Gardens and Landscaping Symposium on April 22, 2017.  This event is popular for all gardeners in the Northeast. In previous years, this event has sold out so early registration is recommended. Special group and Master Gardeners rates are available. Find more information about the Symposium by clicking on the link above.